Who are the Northeast Tree Tenders?

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The trees and concrete cuts are free, how is that possible?


             Your tax dollars at work! We are affiliated with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, who utilizes grants from TreeVitalize, a state program to restore tree cover in Southeastern Pennsylvania. We do request a small donation to cover our expenses. If you donated to Northeast Tree Tenders in 2010, here is how your money was spent:






















Who chooses which species are planted?


             The Fairmount Park Commission chooses the species that are planted. A Fairmount Park Commission Arborist will come out and inspect the site where the tree will be planted and determine which species is best for that location. All the trees that we plant are already preselected as “street trees” and can tolerate harsh urban conditions. To view a list of these species Click Here.


Where can I plant a tree on my property?


             All the trees we plant through this program must be visible to the public from the street. The tree are paid for by tax dollars and must benefit the community. We cannot plant trees in backyards or in areas that are not visible to the public from the street.


Can businesses request trees?


             Yes! The owner can sign the Request to Plant a Tree form and submit it for the business.


How many trees can I request?


             You may request as many trees as your property can accommodate without overcrowding the trees and making sure the trees are planted where they will be visible from the street. Other restrictions included:


· not in front of steps, doorways, or alleyways


· 15’ from light poles, utility poles and fire hydrants


· 30 feet from stop signs and street signs


· 15-30’ from other trees (depending on mature size and form)


· 30’ from street corners


· 5’ from driveways


· 5’ from man-hole covers, storm drains, and main utility lines


How can I get involved?


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Frequently Asked Questions

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